Today is his last day off for a few days, I am enjoying the day relaxing and sending our remaining family home after our vacation at our cabin. He has been cleaning, the kitchen is polished including all the stainless steel appliances and granite island and counter tops. He made me lunch and brought it to me on the couch. Normally I don’t like any oral sex (well I love it) without finishing with him inside me to complete my orgasms. Today for a reward I laid on our bed stomach side down and legs open, he was outside doing some chores so I texted him to come in our room. I let him pleasure me for about half an hour. I wanted to see how far he could put his tongue in. He circled my ass hole with his tongue and pushed deep over and over. After a while I told him to clean it up and I needed him to hang a few pictures. I had him stand before me and I pulled out his hard cock and milked out all the precum on to my finger and had him lick it off. He is now very horny lol. I will miss him tomorrow when he goes back to work.

3 thoughts on “Rim Job

  1. Have you tried to take your husband anally? Paul and I have dabbled with it but I cannot take him no matter how slow and lubricated I am.

    I do love having his tongue and fingers pleasure me there.


    1. Yes we have tried anal, Its not something I’m always in the mood for. It feels very good but can not orgasm just with anal penetration. He can tell when I need that extra boost of pleasure and will use a finger in it while using his tongue in my pussy while I have my Mona 2 vibrator on my love bud (His name for my clit). For keeping him under my control I have him service my asshole with his tongue. I will lay on my stomach with my legs open and have him service me for a while. He has become very skilled at using varying pressures circling my hole and when I say penetrate me with his tongue like he is making love to me. Thanks for the reminder, its been a while since his tongue was used for this purpose

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  2. That sounds wonderful!! Paul will lick and penetrate me anally with his tongue and fingers and it is the most exquisite pleasure but in no way could I ever cum from this. Don’t you just LOVE those Lelo toys? I have a Soraya that is incredible and I enjoy having Paul use it on me (versus me doing the work)! I think that I will have to try having “her” in and on me as he pleasures me anally with his tongue!!!

    Great idea!!


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