I am retired after 30 years at a municipality, prior to that I worked at a very large retail store corporate office. My husband is a technical manager at a utility, makes very good money, he has around 30 men in different trades and a secretary under him. He also owns a small contracting business, he does everything there including payroll and the books. There is really nothing he cant do, he is also a highly skilled auto mechanic so he fixes the kids cars for them which is nice. He also fixes anything that breaks around the house. He also loves to go grocery shopping, he is a better cook then I am, and he can clean, do dishes, laundry, etc. He is 6 feet 2 inches tall and around 210 pounds.

I think he wants to be fem-domed because to start with he was 17 in the military, and all thru his career has been a leader and some way or another in charge. I truly believe this has made him this way. By the way, he can just make love to me normally and we do from time to time. He just really gets turned on and rock hard if we play his little games. The problem for me is it does not excite me or make me horny at all. The oral sex part, of course, does once we start, and he can make passionate love to me for many as many as 10 orgasms or long as I need until I am ready for him to cum.

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