These are a few of the things I want him to do, in no particular order except that drinking my pee is for sure at the top. Kiss and suck my feet and toes, put lotion on my legs and feet, using the callous remover on my heals, put on woman’s panties and clean the house while I relax, or any household chores with panties on. One thing I enjoy is he likes to shave me down there inside the lips and down around my holes. This is very relaxing and love it when he pampers me. He likes it womanly as he calls it so he leaves it hairy, he just keeps the slit very clean for his tongue and so there is no hair that gets pulled when I am sitting and turn and then I don’t smell like pee at the end of the day ether . He loves to be down around my womanhood and smell me and my panties, loves to lick me for literally hours and sometimes challenges me to try to go at least and hour with just his tongue. I cant stand it after a while and need my vibrator. He bought it for me a few years ago and it is amazing. For years he just basically licked my clit until i came, but over the years we have adjusted to him laying on his side with me on my back legs open with one leg over his shoulder and he puts a pillow behind and a little under his head with his mouth right at my hole. This position gives me the latitude for his tongue to lick and penetrate ether the front or back depending on my mood. In this position i have complete control of my vibrator all around and on my clit. He knows as I start to cum to dart his tongue deep inside me around my g spot in and out like a cock while I explode on his face. He knows to keep fucking me orally very deep in and out after I cum for a few minutes until it makes me horny again for another orgasum then I start again. This goes on and on for at least half hour or more until I am ready for him to make love to me. Yes I am very multi orgazmic

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