We are still at the cabin, this morning I was able to sleep in till around 10 am. Last night I decided to watch a movie my husband had on his iPad so as I laid on the bed he brought in a warm washcloth and cleaned my feet, then applied lotion to my legs and feet, he really loves doing this for me, sometimes I feel I should let him do it more often. After the movie I rewarded him with squeezing his balls while he masterbated, he loves me to squeeze his balls until it hurts, sometimes I get worried I will seriously hurt him but have not yet. This morning when most of the family were out I hopped into the shower with him. He did what he always does for me in the shower which was wash my entire body, he does a much better job than I do. He shaved my underarms and legs and then cleaned up my bikini line, lips and holes. I thought I needed a small trim since we are at the swimming hole or beach daily in my suit. After he was done I asked him if he would like a hand job and of course he did. I lathered up his cock and began slowly stroking it while kissing him. His tongue entered my mouth as mine did his, as I speeded up the motion his tongue went deeper and so did mine, after a few more strokes keeping my fingers on the little spot that is just below the head he began to frantically French kiss me, this is the signal he is about to cum so I held his head with my free hand pulling and keeping his mouth against mine forcing my tongue deep into his mouth while I watched his load pump out against the shower wall. He was much calmer and close all day today. I think I will have him clean my feet and put lotion on me again tonight.

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