Today we are at our cabin, it sleeps 12 and is nearly full with our kids, grandkids and friends. I am always busy with everyone and now my grand children take so much of my time and energy. My husband has not been able to be with me in any way sexually and is very frustrated, I can tell. He would love to have me allow him to kiss my feet and suck on my toes and jack off, he would cum a large load but there is no where we can go for it. He was out in the hammock so I went out and asked him where I could get an extension cord and he looked up and he asked, well really he begged me, if i could pee in a cup each time I go to the rest room so he could at least taste my womanhood . I agreed and hope this helps him get by. He pointed out the extension cord and I brought it back in the cabin for a fan so I could stay cooler while I worked on a puzzle. As of this evening I have left him four small glasses for him to get horny with. I like to see him a little frustrated.pee

3 thoughts on “A little pee goes a long way

    1. Yes this was my first post. I knew nothing of blogging, I still don’t really but I am great-full I gave it a shot. I knew nothing about this topic except of my own experience but had been feeling I need to tell someone. Now I follow others and hear their positions and beliefs on things in this arena and don’t feel so alone now.

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  1. Very nice to know other women offer their pee to their husbands for consumption. My wife uses a very large wine glass that holds a full 750 ml bottle of wine. She expects me to ask for “her wine” and I do. The I get the glass and she stands and I kneel holding the glass under her as she fills it. Then I drink it all. I love it and I know it helps me be a better Sissy Husband. These best part of drinking he pee is getting her female hormones into my body.


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